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Strengthening our Future Workforce by Embracing Trends, Utilizing Proven Methods

#StartupGVL has momentum and perfectly positioned to tackle a big challenge for growing areas and ecosystems....

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Authentic Leadership: Find Your Voice and Promote Your Team

City of Greenville Director of Communications & Engagement has an “Ah ha!” moment thanks to executive coach for BMW worldwide Nicki Creech….
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From left to right: David Dykes of Greenville Business Magazine, Dr. Sabrina Russ of Simplicity Community Pharmacy, Lydia Callahan of ReadingHQ, Erik Weir of WCM, Ben Sarracino of Method Performance Labs, and yours truly.

Pitches and Perspectives

A few months ago, my department director tapped me to represent The City of Greenville as a judge in the “30k Powerup Pitch Competition,” a statewide virtual competition for startups. Despite having competed and won in a pitch competition before, this was my first stint as a judge. Equipped with a…
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Go for Disney, Stay for Greenville Collaboration

I love Disney, but not like most people. While many obsess over the parks, movies and merchandise, I love Disney’s corporate history and structure. Yes, you read that correctly….
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Rooted in Two Countries: Inspired by a Fellow Immigrant

Ghisela Eljach moved to Greenville when she was around my age. By herself. She was not fluent in English. Her family was a world away in Barranquilla, Colombia. She was studying to be a lawyer. When she first moved to Greenville, Ghisela started out in a factory, packing sheets to…
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3 Tips to Lessen Your Startup Learning Curve

Founding a successful startup is difficult, but learning from those who’ve “been there, done that” can lessen the learning curve….
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How to Get Your “Ideaflow” Going

Launching a new venture is not for everyone but operating with the same entrepreneurial mindset as the community surrounding you, adds tremendous value….
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