SCBio Comes to Town, Features #StartupGVL Founders

Life sciences is the fastest growing industry in South Carolina

Founders from #StartupGVL are taking center stage at the 2024 SCBio Annual Conference.

The biggest life sciences conference in South Carolina runs from February 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville and has attracted hundreds of attendees from around the country. This year’s conference is themed “The Science of Success,” and will include presentations on leadership, innovation, collaboration and advancement from across the life sciences field.

Not surprisingly, the attendee list includes several executives from Greenville-based companies.

Co-founders of Rymedi, the cloud based healthcare solutions provider, David Stefanich and Jason Cross, Ph.D, are listed to speak. Other #StartupGVL speakers are Tina Zwolinski, co-founder of the workforce development platform skillsgapp, as well as Zylö Therapeutics founder Scott Pancoast, whose company develops transformational drug-delivery systems.

Stefanich, who is the board chair of SCBio, will have a prominent role throughout the conference. Earlier this week in a panel discussion published by the Greenville Business Magazine, Stefanich noted the advantages of doing business in the Palmetto state.

“South Carolina is uniquely positioned to become a center of excellence in life science and that’s a very broad umbrella,” Stefanich said. “The research capabilities that are available and being developed in South Carolina can be that center of excellence across the Southeast.”

In addition to Rymedi and Zylö Therapeutics, Greenville is home to revolutionary life sciences companies like ChartSpan Medical Technologies and Kiyatec Inc.

Other speakers at the conference will include national pharma and MedTech executives as well as economic developers, leaders from South Carolina’s research universities, healthcare executives, business and financial industry officials and national media.

Life sciences remains South Carolina’s fastest-growing industry, generating $25.7 billion annually.

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